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Level 1 & 2

Level 1 & 2 boxers usually have some experience with some form of athletics and are able to tolerate a more physically intense workout. Parkinson's symptoms are less evident in level 1 & 2 boxers. Classes are fast paced with quick transitions between exercises. The focus of these classes is to improve or maintain overall fitness. Boxers in this class require minimal physical assistance.  

Level 3 & 4

Level 3 & 4 classes are slower paced. This class is recommended for boxers with more pronounced Parkinson's symptoms. Level 3 & 4 is suitable for boxers with balance impairments and for those with minimal prior athletic experience. Classes aim to improve or maintain flexibility, balance, posture, deep breathing, voice, range of motion, and fine and gross motor skills. Boxers using wheelchairs or walkers can still benefit from this class as all exercises can be modified for those with balance impairments or limited mobility.

All Levels

This class is open to level 1, 2, 3 & 4 boxers.

NOTE: This is a busy, relatively fast paced class, and therefore is not recommended for those with significant balance impairments or for those who require physical assistance. 

*If you are unsure which level is right for you please discuss this with your Rock Steady Boxing Coach*

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